Rev. Paul Edgar

During his twenty-eight years as principal and teacher at our school, Mr. Edgar has developed an appreciation for the glorious uniqueness of each student and a passionate desire to give them the very best possible experience in Christian education. “I am thankful for the opportunities we have here each day to impart a sense of Christian purpose to the students entrusted to us.”

Born “a long time ago” in Baltimore, MD, Paul Edgar graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, attended the University of Delaware, and completed his Bachelor’s Degree requirements, in Industrial Technology, at the University of Maine after an interim period of military service in the Air Force.

Working as a motorcycle mechanic, as an industrial engineer, and as a military recruiter were all preparatory steps for the position he now holds and regards as his “highest calling and privilege,” serving as principal of Tri-City Christian Academy. Mr. Edgar completed his Education Leadership degree at Grand Canyon University in 2012.

Mr. Edgar lives near his beloved Tri-City Christian Academy, adjacent to Niver Field, with Mrs. Susan Edgar, his wife of thirty-seven years. They have seven children, and six (so far) grandchildren.

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