Our Service

Tri-City Covenant Church gathers each Lord’s Day for an ascent to God’s Heavenly Throne where we join spiritually with the saints of all ages in Covenant Renewal Worship.  Our worship liturgies include:

  • A Call for us to worship in which God graciously calls His people to draw near unto Himself
  • Confession of sin in which we confess our individual and corporate sin and receive God’s gracious forgiveness and absolution according to the riches of His mercy made available to us by His Son, Jesus Christ
  • Consecration in which we are progressively transformed to more and more bear the image of Jesus Christ by the reading and preaching of His Holy Scriptures
  • Holy Communion in which we share bread and wine with the Lord Jesus as He graciously provides us new life and strength for victory
  • A Commissioning for us to return to our earthly callings to join in the task of evangelizing all nations